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McDonald’s is a well-known fast food restaurant brand, mostly because of the succulent and crispy burgers on the McDonald’s Burger Menu. Similarly, this fast-food business boasts around 1400 locations throughout the United Kingdom, making getting their famous sandwiches and burgers from the McDonald’s menu simple.


The most well-liked fast-food item on the McDonald’s menu is likely the burgers—both vegetarian and non-vegetarian—which are flavorful and juicy.


£ 6.09 / Kcal: 484

Double BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese

£ 6.59 / Kcal: 741

BBQ Quarter Pounder with Cheese

£ 5.49 / Kcal: 509

McCrispy Deluxe

£ 7.19 / Kcal: 532

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese

£ 6.59 / Kcal: 739

Big Mac

£ 6.09 / Kcal: 439


£ 5.59 / Kcal: 429


£ 5.89 / Kcal: 437

Double Cheeseburger

£ 2.59 / Kcal: 438

Bacon Mayo Chicken

£ 2.29 / Kcal: 332

Triple Cheeseburger

£ 3.39 / Kcal: 578

Vegetable Deluxe

£ 5.09 / Kcal: 361


£ 1.49 / Kcal: 251


£ 1.69 / Kcal: 298

Mayo Chicken

£ 1.69 / Kcal: 285

Bacon Double Cheeseburger

£ 3.19 / Kcal: 484

McChicken Sandwich

£ £5.59 / Kcal: 369

Chicken Big Mac

£ 5.99 / Kcal: 529

Quarter Pounder With Cheese

£ 5.49 / Kcal: 507

Filet O Fish

£ 5.09 / Kcal: 319

Big Tasty with Bacon

£ 7.79 / Kcal: 843

Big Tasty

£ 6.99 / Kcal: 797


£ 6.09 / Kcal: 484

McSpicy x Frank’s RedHot

£ 5.59 / Kcal: 493

In this fast-food restaurant, the Big Mac, McCrispy, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Mcplant, Vegetable Deluxe, Triple Cheese Burger, and Hamburger are some of the best and most well-liked burgers. McDonald’s has been serving these famous burgers for a long time, and the UK has grown to love this fast-food chain.

McDonalds Happy Meal Menu

The pricing information for every item on McDonald’s burger menu in the United Kingdom is included in the table above. It’s crucial to note that Deliveroo, an official delivery partner of McDonald’s in the UK, is the source from which all of these prices are generated.

Because this fast food restaurant has different locations across the nation, these costs are estimates and may vary somewhat.

McDonald’s Burger Menu Nutrition Report:

Menu ItemEnergy (Kcal)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fats (g)
The Big & Cheesy with Bacon81351g54g43g
The Big & Cheesy76746g53g40g
Chicken Big Mac52925g61g20g
Big Mac49326g42g24g
Quarter Pounder with Cheese50732g37g26g
Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese73953g37g42g
Vegetable Deluxe3618.8g51g12g
McChicken Sandwich36917g41g15g
Bacon Mayo Chicken33217g38g12g
Triple Cheeseburger57837g34g32g
Mayo Chicken28512g38g9.1g
Bacon Double Cheeseburger48431g33g25g
Double Cheeseburger49826g33g22g
McDonalds Burgers Menu Nutrition Report

This is the overall nutritional analysis for every burger and sandwich option offered on the UK McDonald’s menu. Customers can use this report to learn the energy content and major nutritional levels of each burger that is provided on the menu. Therefore, before enjoying a burger, anyone who is health-conscious and consumes food with a determined quantity of energy content should read this study.

It offers a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers to suit the needs of all dietary preferences, including vegetarians and vegans. In addition, McDonald’s creates incredible burger concepts and distributes them as limited-edition menu items to draw in customers and introduce them to new flavour combinations. For this reason, this fast-food chain is distinct and well-liked by the public.

The fast-food restaurant chain’s assortment of mouthwatering and crispy burgers has greatly aided in McDonald’s popularity. The standout aspects of the burgers and sandwiches are the inventive recipes and the thoughtful use of ingredients.

This blog provided you with information about this fast-food chain’s burger menu, signature sandwiches and burgers, the most recent pricing information, and the nutritional facts of each burger on the menu.

The exact amount of lettuce in a burger depends on the rest of the ingredients and the size of the burger. McDonald’s uses 28 grams of lettuce in its Big Mac burger and 12 grams in its Chicken Legend Burger.

You might have noticed burger vans in various parts of the world attending different events. However, McDonald’s in the United Kingdom has not shown any interest in installing mobile vans at such events. The grills and fryers used for making burgers won’t fit inside a van.

No, both sauces are different, as the Mayo chicken has a cool mayo sauce while the McChicken Burger is loaded with sandwich sauce.

You can imagine what a bunless burger would look like. Would it be a burger anymore?

Usually, a burger in a McDonald’s kitchen takes almost 2 minutes to be prepared on the grill.

Yes, you can order whatever burger is on the menu until it is available on the menu. So, you can get a Big Mac and two Quarter Pounders to make your own flavorful combination. However, if you are saying to modify the recipe according to your taste, that might not be possible.

McDonald’s burgers offer a range of delicious options at various price points, catering to different tastes and preferences, while providing detailed nutritional information to help you make informed choices.

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