Which Toys Are Available at McDonald’s This Week, and How Much Does a Happy Meal Cost?

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Kids love McDonald’s Happy Meals because of the delicious meals and entertaining toys. McDonald’s releases a brand-new line of toys every week that are based on well-known kid-friendly characters and films. You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious about what toys McDonald’s has available this week or how much a Happy Meal will cost.

This article will examine the toys that will be offered during the week of 2024 and the present Happy Meal toy campaign. The toys, according to the McDonald’s website, include Disney characters from the celebration of Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder. We’ll also look at how much a standard Happy Meal costs in the UK.

Additionally, you can download entertaining software that will allow your youngsters to play, grow, and enjoy themselves. Utilize the following to download the app:

Sonic is one of the new Happy Meal toys that McDonald’s has been offering. There are twelve toys in the collection. This collection includes puzzles, mosaic posters, stacker towers, and hoverboards as games. You have an additional option if you don’t want toys: the Happy Meal book. You will receive a book detailing Paddington’s adventures, in which something interesting happens on a regular basis:

  • I can be a Sports Legend;
  • I can be an inspirational writer.

Happy Meal books and toys love to give joy to children.

McDonald’s cares about the environment, so the materials from which the toys are made are 100% natural and available for recycling.

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The average price of a Happy Meal is £2.59 – £3.59, depending on the location of the restaurant.

You can’t order a single Happy Meal toy online – it can be purchased separately from the meal only in the restaurant. Its average price is £1.49, but it may also vary.

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A Happy Meal usually consists of a small portion of chicken McNuggets, cheeseburgers, or hamburgers as the main entrée, with a side dish like apple slices, French fries, or a Go-Gurt tube. A toy and brightly colored packaging with themes and designs inspired by well-known films, TV series, or characters are also included.

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McDonald’s is currently offering Sonic the Hedgehog toys in their UK Happy Meals. According to McDonald’s UK, “There are 12 Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy themed toys available, including hoverboards, tower stackers, puzzles and mosaic posters.”

Yes, it appears that McDonald’s currently has Squishmallows toys available in Happy Meal.

Yes, you can buy McDonald’s toys. While it’s not possible to directly purchase Happy Meal toys online from the McDonald’s UK website, McDonald’s toys can often be found for sale elsewhere online. Some options for purchasing McDonald’s toys include:
Browsing toy collections and sets from past Happy Meals on resale websites like eBay
Finding individual Happy Meal toys or multi-packs of toys for sale from third parties on Amazon
Buying wholesale lots of new or used McDonald’s toys from international sellers on sites like AliExpress

McDonald’s Happy Meal toys continue to be a beloved part of the Happy Meal experience, bringing joy to children and collectors alike with each new release. These toys not only add fun and excitement to meals but also create lasting memories for families around the world.

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